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Virtual Service 29th August 2021

Hello everyone   


Here again, is our act of devotion for this coming Sunday. Is this our last one? No! 


But it comes is in anticipation of our last Sunday Zoom before many of our churches come out of lockdown on 5th September following in the footsteps of those of you who have already put your toe in the water. Last but not final: We will be back zooming together on Sunday morning on 26th September while Sunday evening zooms will begin on 5th September at 6.30pm. 


The Team will be carrying on producing a printed order of service for the foreseeable future, as we move into our new arrangements (more details to follow later this week). 


Meanwhile, we hope everyone enjoys the reflection written for us by our new Team Minister, Barry!


As usual, people can print it out and read it on their own or in family bubbles.  If you need a two-page version please let us know asap.  


We encourage folk to read the service at 10.30 am on Sunday so we do it together   


As ever it is in two versions for your convenience and the act will also be sent to everyone on your individual church e-mail lists and, hopefully, posted on our Team website later this week   


Please distribute as you are able to your folk with our sincere thanks, while staying safe.   

Pulpit Secs and LEPs and St Andrew's copied in as ever FYI  


Please continue to keep safe and well - with our thanks for all you still continue to do   


From your Sheffield URC Ministers Team   

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